NMAS Mediation Training Course 

Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23 November and Saturday 30 November 2024

Online via Zoom

This interactive and practical program is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills required to practice family law mediation with confidence and professionalism.

The online Course will be conducted:
  • Workshop & coaching days       Tuesday 19 - Saturday 23 November
  • Time                                           The sessions will run from 7.30am to 3.30pm WST
  • Assessment                               Saturday 30 November 2024
Over the course of the program, participants will:
  • become familiar with the AIFLAM model of faciliative mediation;
  • engage in role-plays both as a mediator and as a party to experience fully the dynamics of mediation;
  • develop skills in facilitating negotiation and problem-solving between the parties;
  • develop proficiency in managing a mediation process and, at the end of the course, should be able to mediate disputes competently (please note if you wish to mediate disputes involving children and issue s60I certificates, this requires additional Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) training);
  • develop a capacity to critically reflect on their own practice of mediation; and
  • develop a capacity to critically reflect on which mediator interventions work and when.

As well as training in the AIFLAM mediation model, to comply with the National Mediation Accreditation Standards (NMAS), the course content will also include:

  • preparation and dispute diagnosis in mediation;
  • communication patterns in conflict and negotiation situations;
  • negotiation dynamics in mediation;
  • potential responses to high emotion, power imbalances and violence;
  • pre-mediation preparation, screening and intake;
  • an understanding of the ethical and practical issues that arise in mediation;
  • confidentiality, enforceability of mediated agreements and liability of mediators;
  • cross-cultural issues in mediation and dispute resolution, and
  • the roles and functions of support persons, lawyers and other professionals in mediation.




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