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Subject: Property Division

Status submitted
Name of Arbitrator Brian Jordan
Organization / Chambers of Arbitrator BJ Mediations
Date of hearing Dec 5th 2017
Preliminary Hearing
How conducted
One in chambers followed by one via telephone
Preliminary Hearing Date Jun 5th 2017
Model of Arbitration Full,
Under your agreement, what was the timeframe for delivery of your award
Matter listed for 4 days
Rules of Evidence applied
Matter settled on second day and award issued
Was matter settled after Preliminary Hearing Conference - yes / no ? Notes
Court applications
was aid of the Court sought on any aspect of the arbitration by a party or you the arbitrator
Total Fees Charged by you
Your State or Territory: QLD
Location of the arbitration
Was the award sought to be registered by one of the parties
Total process timeline
How long did the Arbitration process take from Agreement signing to delivery of award
7 months

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