About Aiflam

What are the advantages of membership and why be a member?

You will belong to a national organization that is the pre-eminent body representing mediators and arbitrators focusing on the family law scene in Australia. AIFLAM is looked to by the Judiciary and Government as the spokesperson for mediator and arbitrator interests and advocates for its members as being ready, trained and able to fulfil the ADR requirements in the family law jurisdiction.

On our Board we have members of the Judiciary and Government assisting with continued liaison for the promotion of mediation and arbitration services in family law.

Other advantages of membership

You do not have to be mediator or arbitrator to be a member of AIFLAM. Membership is open to all practitioners with an interest in dispute resolution and we have a number of non-mediator members.

AIFLAM is a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body, so you can upskill from your basic mediator training with AIFLAM, and become a National Accredited Mediator if you so desire.

If you are Nationally Accredited as a Mediator, you can re-accredit with AIFLAM when required to do so by the National Mediator Standards Board.

AIFLAM markets its mediator and arbitrator members directly to the legal profession. Its website search engine enables the profession to choose with confidence, mediators and arbitrators who belong to an organization focused on family law mediation, through membership and training.

Access to Resources through the website

As part of your membership you will have access through the website to electronic versions of standard form mediation agreements, standard letter to solicitors, with information that can be forwarded to solicitors about the mediation process for their use and that of their clients. The documents are provided in Word format so you can modify them to suit your own specific practice needs.

The Member’s section of the website contains:

  • references to up-to-date academic and practice papers on Mediation topics (13 in number at present)
  • a recommended reading list of current texts on Mediation practice (currently 4). The Board has an editorial committee who upload articles to the site on a regular basis.

We are establishing State chapters recognising the nuances of different State practices in mediation.

We invite you to join and welcome your membership and input into the affairs of the Institute.


Aiflam Board Members

On our Board, in accordance with our Constitution, consists of a representative from each State in Australia, representatives of the Family Law Section, a representative of both the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia and the Attorney-General's Department.  This combination allows for the continued liaison for the promotion of mediation and arbitration services in family law.

Following our AGM on 22 November 2019, the AIFLAM Board consists of:

Andrew Davies - AIFLAM Chair | WA Representative

Julie Redman - Deputy Chair  |  SA Representative

Marcus Turnbull - Treasurer | TAS Representative

Claire Naidu - ACT Representative

Bruce Tilley - NSW Representative

Philip Looney QC - QLD Representative

Emma Swart - VIC Representative

Family Law Section Representatives
Nicola Watts
Ann-Marie Rice

Representing the Family Court of Australia
The Hon Justice Strickland

Representing the Federal Circuit Court of Australia
Judge Dale Kemp

Representing the Attorney-General's Department
Dianne Orr